Defining Postmodernism

The term postmodernism is often used but seldom defined. I hope to clarify its meaning. I hope to define postmodernism and culture and discuss the role culture plays in my theological mind, and discuss specific ways that theology/ministry is contextualized in a postmodern world. Jean-Francois Lyotard is credited as the first author to present the term... Continue Reading →

Who Needs Theology?

I recently read the book Who Needs Theology?: An Invitation to the Study of God by Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson, and I would like to interact with their thesis, discuss the argument, evaluate its helpfulness and consider how it has impacted the way I think about God and the nature of theology. As... Continue Reading →

Defining Theology

When it comes to theology and what I will be discussing on this blog, it's helpful to know how theology is defined. Below are the key theological terms to know at this point: Theology – the study of God, his attributes, and his relationship with man and the universe.[1] Biblical Theology – the discipline that... Continue Reading →

Abiding Truths of Philemon 4-7

As we come to the end of the Bible study of Philemon, we must recognize that no study of the Scripture is complete until the main point of the passage in its relationship to your life is understood. Therefore, I'm now going to help derive the main principle or theme from the text. I order... Continue Reading →

Epistolary Outline of Philemon

You'll notice there are different genres of writing throughout the Bible. Philemon is considered an epistle, or letter. Most of the epistles have a similar structure or outline. Here, I have laid out the outline of Philemon to see clearly each part. Epistolary Outline of Philemon

How does an understanding of Roman Slavery in the first century help one understand what Paul is saying in the book of Philemon?

Yesterday I posted the Historical Background of  Philemon, but you may have noticed there was something missing. Clearly, the issue of slavery is central to the book of Philemon and I included very little information about that institution in the Roman Empire at the time of Paul. I did this intentionally, to single out this issue... Continue Reading →

Historical Background of Philemon

The need for researching and the benefits of understanding the historical background helps inform a proper interpretation of the text of Scripture. Here I have researched the historical background of Philemon that sets the stage for other studies of Philemon I'm going to post later on.   About the Author: Paul Family Heritage: His parents... Continue Reading →

Observational Chart of Habakkuk

One of the things I've learned to do when reading the Bible is charting a passage or book. Here I have observed the entire book of Habakkuk and recorded my observations in the form of a chart. This Bible study technique is helpful to get all your observations organized so you can see how the... Continue Reading →

Why Surrendered and Free?

I'm a Christ-follower and my story is the story of both surrender and freedom. I have grown up in the church and made the decision to get baptized in high school. That was my first moment of surrender, but I have come to find there are multiple levels of surrender when it comes to following... Continue Reading →

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