Christian Leadership

DTS values Christlike leadership that equips others and emphasizes humility with sacrificial service.

Christian Leadership Goal

My goals include understanding principles of the form of leadership manifested in support raising to exercise humility and sacrificial service in the skills needed for future support raising endeavors. Should God call me into apologetics and evangelism full-time, more than likely I will be raising support for my position.


  1. Begin praying every day for at least five minutes for my ministry specifically, for my friends by name, for my goal amount of $5,195, for the Lord to bring me to His chosen individuals at just the right time, and that my heart would learn to trust Him more through this season.
  2. Namestorm 50 individuals (couples/families) to offer the opportunity to partner with me.
  3. Draft a written appeal package
  4. Collate necessary contact information (mailing address, phone number, eamil address) for each entry on my Namestorm.
  5. Edit appeal letter.
  6. Print, stuff, post package (50)
  7. Call individuals for appointments (10)
  8. Follow up with letters sent (50)
  9. Continue to phone for appointments for contacst not yet reached
  10. Follow up with appointments
  11. Continue to follow up via phone, contacts asked via letter
  12. Thank donors as they give
  13. Compose newsletter


  1. The God Ask by Steve Shadrack
  2. Training from Probe Director of Development, Paul Rutherford


  1. Track communications and engagement (Isent 58 letters, made 2 phone calls, and had 1 meeting)
  2. Track gifts given (I rasied $6,616)

Overall Reflection Statement:

For my competence in Christian leadership, I am submitting the appeal letter and newsletter I sent which demonstrates humility and dependence primarily on God and secondarily my network and presentation skills. I remain stunned at how God showed up during this internship. Even though I was skeptical of support raising and if I would be fully funded, God had me fully funded without needing to make a single phone call or go on a single meeting.


  1. Appeal Letter: Detailed the kingdom achievement opportunity I’m offered friends and family, clearly stated the financial need, and made a clear request for a gift. The package included a letter, envelope, reply device, and return envelope.
  2. Newsletter: Detailed ministry accomplishments.

Learning Reflection Statement:

As I developed and demonstrated Christian leadership, I learned to trust the reasoning of an expert (the Director of Development) and, most importantly, God to do the work in the hearts and minds of those I asked to support me.

Lifelong Development Statement:

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in Christian leadership by trusting in God more expectantly from the start. Also, I will continue to develop in Christian leadership by seeking more training and advice from the experts and seasoned veterans in my area of ministry.

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