Purpose & Learning Objectives (explanation of why and what you want to learn)                                            Strategies (steps broken down into tasks or activities that are related to how you intend to learn)Resources (books, people, etc. to help you learn; how will they be accessed)Measurements (desired outcome when learning has occurred or purpose accomplished; includes dates)
Because I desire to grow in effective communication of biblical & theological truths…   Teaching an intro-level apologetics adult bible fellowship at churchStudy curriculum.I will practice my oral presentation at least once before the scheduled engagement.Teach a weekly class.Review notes from Apologetics course.I will give my Secondary Mentor my PowerPoint and notes to review and give feedback at least two weeks before my scheduled class.I will ask two friends in the class to watch my presentation and give feedback for future improvement.
Attending and presenting at the CrossExamined Instructors AcademyAttend the academy.Read I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and Tactics.Work with mentor to prepare in weekly meetings by putting together the outlines.I’ll give a presentation and get feedback

Part II

1.  List your Artifacts with descriptions of what they are. You need a minimum of 2 artifacts for each value.

2.  Overall Reflection Statement:

For my competence in [Christian leadership, communication, or cultural engagement], I am submitting __________ [name/type of artifact] which demonstrate(s) __________ [what you learned, experienced, or accomplished and with who]. (100-word minimum)

3.  Learning Reflection Statement:

As I developed and demonstrated [Christian leadership, communication, or cultural engagement], I learned __________ [something you learned about yourself, about people, about ministry, and/or about God]. (100-word minimum)

4.  Lifelong Development Statement:

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in [Christian leadership, communication, or cultural engagement] by __________ [something you will do differently next time or continue to improve upon].  (100-word minimum)

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