Ministry Distinctive

Apologetics and Evangelism

The Master of Arts in Apologetics and Evangelism degree program is designed to prepare students for ministry involving the defense and proclamation of the Christian faith.

Overall Reflection Statement for Ministry Distinctive: 

For my competence in Apologetics and Evangelism, I am submitting additional artifacts that demonstrate my passionate pursuit to share my faith and defend truth in a winsome and gracious manner. For example, my artifacts will demonstrate my continued development of practical skills in writing conducted from a posture of kindness and character.


I recently wrote a critique of a significant podcast. I interacted with both sides of the issue, avoiding simplistic arguments or ad hominem attacks, presenting a fair and balanced critique of the positions. I also present a well-defended position on the topic.

I put together a detailed and thorough action plan for helping people who struggle with the problem of evil and suffering. Keeping in mind the distinction between the pastoral and intellectual response to PoE (Problem of Evil), I included a thorough theology of evil and suffering, a plan for pastoral care, and a philosophical/theological series of appropriate defenses of God and his righteousness in light of evil.

Learning Reflection Statement:

As I developed and demonstrated apologetics and evangelism in areas of my degree and ministry experience, I have learned that I enjoy engaging controversial and touch topics when I have the time to do my own study and research on the issues. I like explaining complicated concepts, but I need enough time to study and research to develop ideas. Conversely, I do not enjoy highly academic assignments if I do not think there is a practical use for them at some point in my ministry.

Lifelong Development Statement:

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in apologetics and evangelism by continuing with this focus in my studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and continuing to either write for Probe or my own blog. I think continuing to keep up with the intellectual problems people are running into will serve me well. I also would like to continue auditing classes after I graduate, to stay fresh in my studies.

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