By What Means Did This Occur? The Most Christians Nation in the World is Progressively Becoming one of the Furthermost Secular.

The colonial era of American history was a far more biblically sophisticated and knowledgeable world than ours today. While several did not hold Christian faith, they were formed and existed within its value system. The colonial-era birthed the national tenet of “God Bless America”, moments of silence, and “In God We Trust”. Yet our era... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Discipline

Over the summer, I was challenged to engage in a daily spiritual discipline for two consecutive weeks, keeping a personal journal of the process. I chose the spiritual discipline of journaling at least one prayer every day for two weeks. Journaling my prayers is something I have always wanted to do consistently. I have done... Continue Reading →

The Flesh, Legalism, and the Holy Spirit

(1) How does the Flesh influence a Christian’s pursuit of holiness and how can the Christian minimize the influence of the Flesh? The Flesh influences a Christian’s pursuit of holiness because the flesh works directly in opposition to holiness. The Flesh is a set of sinful passions inside of us that is in direct opposition... Continue Reading →

Paraphrase of Romans 6:1-14

Using my definitions from my last post, I have written a paraphrased translation of Romans 6:1-14. Original text: What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? Do you not know that all of us... Continue Reading →

Key Terms in Romans 6:1-14

Next, I would like to take a look at Romans 6:1-14. This is a vital passage that describes our new identity in Christ. To start with, I would like to identify some key terms used by Paul in this passage of Scripture and define them. Romans 6:1-14: What shall we say then? Are we to... Continue Reading →

What is Truth?

I recently read True Words by Nicholas Wolterstorff and would like to interact with his article. Wolterstorff defines truth by saying this: “I suggest that the root notion of truth is that of something’s measuring up – that is, measuring up in being or excellence.” I agree with this because it makes the definition of truth... Continue Reading →

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