Living the Trinity

So now you are asking, “So, what? This has all been a great intellectual exercise, but why does it matter? What real significance does the Trinity have for Christians now?” Great questions. "It is not the doctrine of the Trinity which underlies the Christian faith, but the living God whom we encounter through Jesus Christ... Continue Reading →

The Trinity: Relations & Actions

It is only natural at this point to try and think of illustrations or analogies to try and describe the Trinity, as the three states of H2O. However, no analogy can perfectly portray the Trinity. For example, H2O exists only in the three separate modes of liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (vapor). Yet, the... Continue Reading →

The Trinity: Three-In-One

Over the next six series of posts, I am going to explore and unpack the doctrine of the Trinity. I think this is something that is not often discussed and is acknowledged by most Christians without understanding much about it. As a result, we are missing something extremely critical for the Christian life because if... Continue Reading →

How Can We as Christians Aid Lonely People?

Let's talk about millennials (which includes me). We are the foremost generation exposed from juvenile to the postmodern worldview of standards, understandings, and detestations. Justice, for example, is defined as acceptance in which moral values have misplaced objectivity to the individual and reserved agreement. We live in a biosphere where community has been forgone to... Continue Reading →

By What Means Did This Occur? The Most Christians Nation in the World is Progressively Becoming one of the Furthermost Secular.

The colonial era of American history was a far more biblically sophisticated and knowledgeable world than ours today. While several did not hold Christian faith, they were formed and existed within its value system. The colonial-era birthed the national tenet of “God Bless America”, moments of silence, and “In God We Trust”. Yet our era... Continue Reading →

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