The Trinity: Relations & Actions

It is only natural at this point to try and think of illustrations or analogies to try and describe the Trinity, as the three states of H2O. However, no analogy can perfectly portray the Trinity. For example, H2O exists only in the three separate modes of liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (vapor). Yet, the... Continue Reading →

The Trinity: Three-In-One

Over the next six series of posts, I am going to explore and unpack the doctrine of the Trinity. I think this is something that is not often discussed and is acknowledged by most Christians without understanding much about it. As a result, we are missing something extremely critical for the Christian life because if... Continue Reading →

Our Story According to Her: Part 2

More fighting and confusion in the months to come led me to break things off with T.S. in July 2015, 5 months before our trip to Israel. Prior to this, he started seeing my biblical counselor where he was determined to "figure me out", but little did he know, our counselor would greatly help him... Continue Reading →

Our Story According to Her: Part 1

Now for my fiancé’s version of our story: We do not have a "typical" 21st century love story that so many people expect to hear when two people say they "love" each other. Ours was not initially full of deep feelings, great chemistry, or a quickness in desire to get married. Many people will think... Continue Reading →

Our Story According to Me: Part 3

You would think this is the part where we would ride off in the sunset and live happily ever after, but it did not go that way. Somehow, she still was not very interested in me and she drifted away, and we came to an agreement in counseling that I would continue waiting for her... Continue Reading →

Our Story According to Me: Part 2

Fast forward a bit and I noticed my church was taking a trip to Israel soon, and I recalled Taylor saying in a conversation with me, “I will do anything to figure this out (meaning if Jesus was real). I will even go to Bethlehem if I have to.” So, I convinced Taylor to sign... Continue Reading →

Our Story According to Me: Part 1

When most people think of love stories they tend to think of romantic movies and novels where the rugged 6’2, seductive male sweeps the petite, wide-eyed 5’0 girl off her feet. There are immense, intense, and obsessive feelings equally felt by both parties. There is a climax and resolution of their problems in 90 minutes... Continue Reading →

What People Think About the Bible

Last week I conducted a survey on what people thought about the Bible. I set out to survey ten and got forty instead, and I was pleasantly surprised by the responses. Most people used positive and fitting words to describe the Bible. There were a lot of answers like “the word of God” and “divinely... Continue Reading →

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