Why Surrendered and Free?

I’m a Christ-follower and my story is the story of both surrender and freedom. I grew up in the church and made the decision to get baptized in high school. That was my first moment of surrender, but I have come to find there are multiple levels of surrender when it comes to following Christ; and with each new level of surrender comes a new level of freedom. My next pivotal moment of surrender came when I was in Israel. After a series of events, I knew that I was trying too hard to control my life. Thankfully, when this dawned on me, I was at a point in the trip where we were visiting the Jordan River. I made the decision to become re-baptized in the Jordan River and surrender my control to God. When I came up out of the water, it was like I was taking my first breath as a brand new, more purposeful follower. This feeling came with so much freedom because I knew I had given everything to God and He was big enough to handle it. That new level of surrender, and new level of freedom started a major domino affect in my life. When I got back from the trip, one thing lead to another and I have found myself enrolled as a student at Dallas Theological Seminary and pursuing a ministry career. A lot of people ask me how seminary is going and what I’m learning. My goal for this blog is to share a little bit of what I’m learning along the way. My prayer is that this information leads to someone else’s transformation; and someone else can reach a new level of surrender and freedom in Christ.

6 responses to “Why Surrendered and Free?”

  1. I dig this!!! I pray you continue to allow God to work through you. The world needs more of this, true accounts of a Christian’s walk. Keep doing it and the Father will definitely acknowledge your work! Keep seeking as He has so much in store for you! Be blessed!!


  2. Looking forward to keeping up with your continued spiritual transformation and your journey into ministry Taylor!


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