Defining Theology

When it comes to theology and what I will be discussing on this blog, it’s helpful to know how theology is defined. Below are the key theological terms to know at this point:

Theology – the study of God, his attributes, and his relationship with man and the universe.[1]

Biblical Theology – the discipline that attempts to restate and summarize the teaching of the biblical text, responding to the progressive revelation of God in the Scriptures and limiting the Bible as the only source.

Historical Theology – deals with the history of the church, its practices, and the development of doctrine.

Systematic Theology – Humans responding in a systematic way to revelation (especially in Scripture), expressing the truth about the triune God in language informed by culture and the Christian tradition.

[1] Lanau, Sidney I. The Doubleday Dictionary for Home, School, and Office. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1975.

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