By What Means Did This Occur? The Most Christians Nation in the World is Progressively Becoming one of the Furthermost Secular.

The colonial era of American history was a far more biblically sophisticated and knowledgeable world than ours today. While several did not hold Christian faith, they were formed and existed within its value system. The colonial-era birthed the national tenet of “God Bless America”, moments of silence, and “In God We Trust”. Yet our era is drastically different.

By what means did this occur? The most Christians nation in the world is progressively becoming one of the furthermost secular. While we abhor it, secularism now rules our nation.

Here are the questions:

  • Do you think that what occurred over the previous three centuries is in the infinite plan of God?
  • If you say, “It is all our responsibility,” can it be that we can define God’s will for Him and we have failed?
  • Does God, possibly, have something additional in mind than the supremacy of Christian faith in our nation?

These are some tough questions to answer. My view is God is completely sovereign, so the short answer is yes, what has happened over the last three centuries is in the infinite plan of God. However, I can’t help but wonder if His original intent was for our nation to become this way. I still grapple with God’s sovereignty and our free will; or our inability and responsibility. My finite mind cannot understand what is infinite, but perhaps he allows us to operate with free will within His sovereign framework. In other words, maybe he used the past to set up our nation to remain more biblically educated and informed, but then He “gave them (us) over in the sinful desires of their (our) hearts” (Rom 1:24) knowing we’d come to where we are today. And this is His will and infinite plan.

With the last question “Does God, perhaps have something more in mind than the reign of Christian faith in our nation?” I’ve gotten to the point where anytime I’m trying to figure out what God is doing, I just assume he has something more in mind that I’m not thinking about. Even when I think I do understand, I assume He has something more in mind (Isaiah 55:8-9).

What do you think? Leave me a reply below.

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