Key Themes in Leviticus

Five Key Literary Themes 

  1. Holiness required
  2. Purity required
  3. Man is unholy
  4. Man is impure
  5. Laws required

These are my chosen themes because these are the truths that stood out to me and seem to remain and are abiding. God demands man be holy and pure, and yet man is unholy and impure. The law supplies the instruction for how living holy and pure is conducted. This is important for interpreting Leviticus so readers can see the transcendence of God and the brokenness of man. It is also important because it helps the reader see how much was needed to make the relationship with God right, and how much effort it took to keep it that way. In the end, it is important because it helps us understand with more gravity what the sacrifice of Jesus really means to us in comparison with how things used to work.

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