Can you defend the Gospels’ authenticity?

Generally speaking, the closer a report is to the event the more reliable it’s believed to be. Early, eye-witness reports are gold when it comes to verifying ancient documents. So how can we be sure of both the authorship and timing of the gospels? Dr. Gary Habermas, the world’s foremost scholar on the Resurrection of Jesus will explain why. He’ll also teach you about the other criteria used by secular and evangelical scholars alike to verify an ancient document’s authenticity.

Start the new year off with an amazing course that will equip you to defend the very foundations of the Christian faith. When you enroll in the course “The Resurrection of Jesus“, you’ll have access to 30 video teaching sessions, lists of recommended resources to go even deeper in your learning, and accompanying PowerPoints on pdf. Our students have been requesting this opportunity for almost three years, so grab your chance while there are still seats left and enroll today!

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