Faith in Genesis

This post is on the study of faith in the book of Genesis. Although the word “faith” (and forms of it) is only found two times in the NASB, faith is a major theme. The reader sees the history of creation demonstrating God is the one Creator God, while man lacked faith in the Creator... Continue Reading →

Tracing God’s Kingdom Program and Covenants. Part 4: Abrahamic Covenant

Abrahamic Covenant The first patriarch, Abram (God later changes his name to Abraham in Gen. 17:5), is introduced in Genesis 11:27-31. God begins the new form of the theocratic administration by making a covenant with Abraham. The Abrahamic Covenant is defined as “God’s promise to the first patriarch, Abraham, which functions as the basis for Israel’s covenant with Yahweh.” The covenant starts... Continue Reading →

Is the Abrahamic Covenant Unconditional?

Reasons why the Abrahamic Covenant is Unconditional Normally in a blood covenant the two parties would agree on the terms of the covenant, with each committing himself to the fulfillment of certain promises being covenanted, and they would walk hand in hand through the animal sacrificed pieces. In this case, Abraham fell asleep. J. Dwight... Continue Reading →

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