Key Terms of Pauline Presentation the Flesh and the Holy Spirit

The ethical concept of the flesh –set of sinful and selfish passions inside of us, in opposition of the law, the Spirit, and where God wants to take us.

Filling of the Spirit –the ministry of the Holy Spirit whereby, in response to the believer’s continued yieldedness, He controls and empowers the believer for sanctification and service.

Walking by the Spirit –the ministry of the Holy Spirit whereby, in response to a believer’s continued yieldedness in accordance with the biblical command, He frees that believer from the control of the flesh and produces the fruit of the Spirit.

Leading of the Spirit –the Spirit puts to death the deeds of the body, confirming therefore, we are children of God and no longer living under the law.

Indwelling of the Spirit –the act whereby at conversion the Holy Spirit makes the believing sinner His permanent dwelling place forever.

Legalism –my effort to obey God by my resources for my glory, undermining both God’s grace and holiness.

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