The Flesh, Legalism, and the Holy Spirit

(1) How does the Flesh influence a Christian’s pursuit of holiness and how can the Christian minimize the influence of the Flesh?

The Flesh influences a Christian’s pursuit of holiness because the flesh works directly in opposition to holiness. The Flesh is a set of sinful passions inside of us that is in direct opposition of the law, the Spirit, and where God wants to take us. The Christian can minimize the influence of the Flesh by being led by the Spirit. The Spirit is in opposition to the Flesh and moves the Christian toward God and away from the flesh. The Spirit puts to death the deeds of the Flesh confirming, therefore, we are children of God.

(2) What is the root error of legalism and how does it show itself in the life of a Christian?

The root error of legalism is that it minimizes God’s holiness and supports the idea that you need to follow rules to obtain His holiness and blessing. The way this shows itself in the Christian life is the abuse of grace. Legalism covers grace, because it promotes obedience to receive blessing. Grace says we are already blessed, and our performance does not matter. Standards, rules, and laws fail to make us pure or keep us pure because impurity comes from the heart. A pure heart does not come from standards, rules, and laws.

(3) How does legalism relate to the Flesh?

Legalism can relate to our Flesh in ways. For example, sometimes my Flesh does not want to practice a spiritual discipline because I do not feel like I have the time, or I am too tired, etc. However, I typically end up forcing myself to do it anyway because I feel as though it is something I must do to obtain holiness and blessing. This is legalism directly relating to my Flesh.

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