Was Job a Believer?

Did Job sin? Was Job a believer? What precisely did he believe? What is the theme of the book of Job?

Job did not sin in the context of the book of Job. Supporting Scripture for this is Job 1:22 and 2:10.

Job was a believer. Job 1:1 says he was “fearing God and turning away from evil.” Job 1:5 shows him acting as a priestly figure, offering sacrifices to God. Job 1:20-21 shows him worshiping and trusting God, even in the midst of calamity. This passage also shows what he believes. Job 17:7 even shows he believes in a Savior.

The theme of the book is worship. Job shows why we worship God. It’s not because he gives us nice things. God took everything away from Job. Naked he came into this world and naked he shall return, and that’s his perspective. The theme of Job is to worship God just because He is, and who He is.

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