A Letter to Our Tempter

Dear Tempter,

Although you know we are sinners and our weakness is pride, we can confidently stand on the promises of God because he has outfitted us to survive the attack of the deadliest of opponents. The Bible tells us if we humble ourselves before the Lord, he will lift us up. The Bible tells us we are made in the image of God, but it also says we are not the center of the universe. The Bible tells us we need to live dependently on God. The Bible tells us the world does not revolve around us because God is sovereign, and we are to glorify Him in all things. The Bible tells us we must live in step with the Spirit instead of living in our flesh. The Bible tells us it is good to praise the Lord instead of ourselves. The Bible tells us our identity is in Christ, not in our hard work or how much people value us. The Bible tells us we can do nothing apart from Christ, but through Him we can do all things. The Bible tells us we have all fallen short of the glory of God, and yet there is no condemnation in Christ. The Bible tells us we are not to be Pharisees, and we are not to boast in our works but in our weaknesses. The Bible tells us we need to live in community with others, and we are to be patient. The Bible tells us not our will be done, but the Lord’s. It also tells us we do not have enough power to succeed on our own, nor can we earn enough merit to save ourselves. The Bible tells us we are to “stir up others in love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some.”

The Bible tells us we have intrinsic value in Christ, and it does not matter what other people think of us. What God thinks of us is the most important opinion. Even when people close to us disrespect us, we are not to become angry and bitter, but instead give them forgiveness and accept that only God will not let us down. The Bible tells us we cannot live up to our own standard or God’s, but that he has made us “holy in the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

We know we are in a war packed with countless battles and countless perils. That said, we have a distinctive benefit. We understand how this war concludes. In several ways, this is a war that has previously been won, you and your leader beaten, and our triumph certain. Is the threat of pride obvious and current? Utterly. Will we squander some battles? Unfortunately, we will. But we have been offered a promise far better than our saddest day and our biggest task. May the Spirit go on to shape us into the image of the Son for the glory of the Father so that every period of our life will produce further fruit and less losses. The time will take place when our Spiritual formation will be completed, and we will meet God in eternity. That is our expectation. The gospel does not leave sin unaccounted for. It does not end with the atoning death of Jesus on the cross for our sins! The gospel includes the resurrection and the death of death. The time will take place when the battles will stop, and we will be made new.


Creations in Christ

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