Tracing God’s Kingdom Program and Covenants. Part 1: Eden

Synthetic Chart

This new series of posts is an explanation (with a synthetic chart included), where I have traced God’s Kingdom program and included the four major covenants that intertwine. What is presupposed is God has established a kingdom where he has the right to rule.


I started my chart with Eden because this is where God started His Kingdom on earth and established his right to rule in said realm. His Kingdom first started in heaven, but on earth God delegated authority to mankind to rule as His theocratic representative (Psalm 8:5-8). In Genesis 1:26, God stated that man (Adam and Eve) was to rule over the fish, the birds, the cattle, and every creeping thing; as well as the planet earth itself. This was repeated in Genesis 1:29. As Dwight Pentecost points out, “It becomes clear, then, that the earth became the sphere of God’s kingdom. Man was the administrator in that kingdom, and all created living things were subjects of that kingdom.”

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